I was always mocked because I considered reading the best way to escape from a hard day or a bad place. I used to read during my math classes ( that was probably a mistake and the reason I am not an engineer now); I used to read while my mother begged me to study chemistry, or just learn how to play handball, basketball or how to swim.


These were also mistakes, probably since I am afraid of deep water, and I rather get hit by a ball than catch it…However, turning the pages was sport enough for me at that age…and things did not change since then.

I advise you all to be active! I am trying to, even if for me jogging becomes walking and admiring the view or just looking at people and trying to figure out the story of their life.

Well, I know that there are so many writers and so many books to read, especially new books written by young people who should also make some money, the dead should not be forgotten. So, here is a very short list you should start with if you decide your brain needs some workout, as well:

1. The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde

The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame.

Yes, I am aware of the fact that there is a movie made after this book, and it would be easier just to watch it and understand the story. However, until now, no move was as great as the book it was made after was. So, why destroy what Oscar Wilde created, with a bloody movie? Read the damn book, learn hedonism, selfishness and where these can take you and feel what Wilde can transmit through words. The book is amazing and terrifying at the same time.

2. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

You might not want to start with this book if you haven’t been reading for a long time. Think about reading like you think about exercising. After you sat on the couch for three years you cannot run for 3 hours, right? Well, Anna Karenina has 900 pages and it a romantic tragedy of tsarist high society. The book is fantastic and even if the number of pages might scare you, reading it is far from being difficult.

3. Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Taking a new step, uttering a new word, is what people fear most.

Since we are talking about Russian writers, Dostoyevsky is worth of being on this list. Dostoyevsky’s novel is extraordinary, suspenseful, and it is definitely a must read in your 20s. This is one of the books I read under the desk, during the math or chemistry classes and, even if I am not a famous doctor who found the cure for a killing disease, it was all worth, since I know the cure for boredom. Crime and punishment is not only about the crime committed by Raskolnikov, the main character, but also, and most important, about the analysis that goes beyond the crime.

4. Bitter Moon by Pascal Bruckner

Not many people heard about Pascal Bruckner, and most people I know could not read Bitter Moon. Why? This novel is quite difficult to digest since; there are some unusual parts that describe sexual desires and actions that are beyond most people’s imagination. If you asked me, I would describe Bruckner’s first pages of the novel as being the most disgusting thing I have ever read. However, once you get through these pages, you realize it was all worth, and you understand that the book is all about analyzing the decaying relationship between a man and a woman.

5. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Who would ever think that so much went on in the soul of a young girl?

You all probably know who Anne Frank was and what happened to her. Well, even if you know the ending of the book, the hope and positive thoughts the young girl transmits through her words make you believe that the end could be different. It is amazing how a 14-year-old can have this impact on somebody. You can read more about Anne Frank’s diary here.

These are five of the books all of us must read in our 20s. Of course, the list could be endless since, as stated above there are so many books, so little time, but starting with these is the best advice I could give.

Enjoy reading!

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  1. Ramzi says:

    My sister’s kepeer. My sister’s kepeer is an amazing book!! I am reading it right now and am almost done. There are only positive things to say about this book. However, there are cuss words in this book, just so you all know. If you are looking for an amazing book, then I would recommend this book to everyone!! I am ,like, in love with this book <3 . If you need a book to read to meet your A/R goal then I would read this book. This book is a little bit longer, but it is totally worth it!! This book is 18.00 points. And I believe it is a 5.6 range, but I could be wrong. Thank you for reading this!! Leave a comment

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