Sometimes, even though I know it’s rude, I tend to listen to other people’s conversations. Don’t imagine that I do that on purpose. It just…happens. So, a couple of days ago, while I was having a coffee and trying to create an article, I heard a guy talking about the party he attended the evening before. His boyfriend’s father was celebrating his birthday.

So, I started thinking about how in the world would this guy be a bad influence on my future child. Why would he and his boyfriend be a problem for an adopted child who had no parents before? Why do all these people complain about gay marriage?

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To be honest, I read many articles against this new law and I tried to understand “their” point of view. I didn’t, because I am far from being aware of the different laws in the world. However, many say it’s bad for all of us. Well, I am one of us and it’s not bad for me. It doesn’t change my life with anything, and I am pretty sure that if I were a child my life would still be the same.

Yes, it does change the life of the adopted children. It takes them out of the system, doesn’t it? Is having two mothers/ fathers worse than having none? And when you think that his fathers wanted him/her unlike many who just got stuck with a kid, you realize that allowing people to form families is good.

All this negative thoughts make me realize that so many people are concentrating on the gay marriage, forgetting about the real problems most children have.


Two Mothers or Divorced Parents?

I am the product of a really bad divorce. Well, not as bad as the marriage before it, but sill pretty bad. I didn’t enjoy a big part of my childhood, and I strongly believe that having no father figure would have been much better than having…that father figure.

Most kids who come from an unhappy marriage have issues when they become grown-ups, especially if they experienced fights before and after their parent’s divorce. Seeing your parents unhappy, your mother crying and father drinking ( just examples…it can be worse, sometimes) doesn’t seem better than having two parents with the same sex, does it?


Two Fathers or Drug/Alcohol Addicts?

Is having a penis worse for a kid than coming wasted every evening and punish him for existing? How about smoking weed while the kid is playing around. How is not that a bad influence?

I am quite sure that an educated child is able to understand that people are different and have other needs and attractions. What about seeing his father sniffing something while watching porn? Is that easy to digest?

Now, really people, we are all human beings. So what if some like men and some women. Shouldn’t we all have the same rights, as long as we don’t hurt each other? Concentrating more on the issues that harm us and less on the differences would actually help the world.

If I could, I would have exchanged my father for another loving mother…


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