I like books more than movies, even more than I like people sometimes. I enjoy watching movies, especially if I am not by myself but “reading the movie” is completely different for many reasons.

No Two Persons Ever Read the Same Book

When we read a book, we have the freedom to give the characters whatever face we feel like. We can imagine the voice, the movements and the tone of all conversation.

Of course, the writer transmits his ideas but we can see them however we want.

Watching a movie is different. To be honest, I never imagined Tom Hanks being Robert Langdon when I read Dan Brown’s books. I am not saying he is a bad Robert Langdon, but, to be honest, mine was way better.


Giving the face and voice we¬†want to the characters makes reading better, and there is no movie I have seen better than the book I read. There were some movies that I would have probably liked better if I didn’t read the book first.

Even Harry Potter was a better wizard in my mind than he was in the movies. Creating the world by ourselves makes it closer to the reality, and this gives us an enhanced experience movies just can’t.

They offer us other people’s view on the story. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not.

If any reader is asked: “Which was better: the movie of the book it was made after?”, the answer will always be the same, even if, as Edmund Wilson said, ” No two persons ever read the same book.”

Many people say reading is overrated. But besides the experience of using our brain for creating our own “movie” after the words we read, books have a great impact on developing ourselves and our manner of thinking.

While watching a movie and bathing in popcorn is fun, reading a book helps us open our mind.


So, Books or Movies?

Even though skipping the movie is better than not reading the book, I’d go for both, sometimes. To be honest, Sherlock Holmes is cuter now that he has the face of Robert Downey Junior, isn’t he?

Therefore, I am not trying to start a war against movies because I love Lazy Sundays eating popcorn and watching something good.

However, I believe all of us should find time to read, once in a while, at least and give ourselves the chance to have our own view on the words written.

And there are so many amazing words written by great people that should reach our brain and improve our way of thinking, acting…being.

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