Everybody knows Bob Marley and his amazing songs. They are very peaceful, and they help many of us relax and enjoy any day, no matter how difficult it seems.

What I’ve noticed is that most men love listening to “No Woman, No Cry” right after they break up with their girls, feeling like Mir. Marley is sending them the message not to cry over a breakup.


I must admit that I find this hilarious, and this is why I decided to write a couple of words about it. In the beginning, I thought that maybe the message is not clear, or the way he sings makes it hard to be understood. But how did I get it? Why would Bob Marley say “O little darlin’, don’t shed no tears” thinking about a man?

Oh, while I’m gone…Everything’s gonna be all right!

Then, I realized their problem: They don’t listen! If they just imagine what the song is about just by listening four words, I can understand why the women left them.

Oh well, maybe they should listen to their whole sentences instead of listening to a couple of words, just like they should listen to what Bob Marley sings about, before assuming he thought about their sorrow.

So, dear men, listen carefully until you understand that Bobby here is singing to his lady, asking her not to cry because he will come back for her.

I know it’s kind of disappointing, but, news flash: Not everything is about you!

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