After spending a whole week working, and traveling by train in the middle of fast-moving crowds of people, most people feel the need to relax in the middle of the nature.

I am one of them and, whether it is just walking in the park or going to the countryside, a day outside the busy city is the perfect chance to “chillax” my brain and body.


My soul mate would get bored in an instant if I even said to go out and sit on the grass while reading a book for a whole day.

Fortunately, not only that we can combine our work, but we can also combine what we love doing in our spare time.

This is how going fishing became a perfect escape for the weekend: he loves catching fish, and I love laying on the nature, taking pictures and reading.

And, to be honest, I actually enjoy the act, as well. Of course, I like catching them, not killing them. But the best part of the trip outside London, was the beauty of the places.


The Earth Has Music for Those Who Listen

We went to Orchid Lakes, near Oxford and an amazing village, called Dorchester-on-Thames. The whole drive was absolutely breath taking. And when I arrived, I forgot all about work and bills, and I just sat on a blanket near the quiet lake.

The peaceful place was disturbed from time to time by huge a carp jumping out and in the water or the family of ducks that were having their Saturday swim.


The bad part was that we were not equipped with a tent, so a sleepover was out of the question, but next time leaving London without everything we need for spending a night in the nature is not an option.

So, if there are women out there saying that fishing is just a boring activity, they would probably exchange a quiet, peaceful day in the nature with on agitated shopping session at the mall.

Well, we all have our own drugs of choice but my advice is to try getting high on nature from time to time…It works!

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