Living in London can be an extremely enhancing experience, especially if your main goal is having a career that implies an office in a skyscraper and going out every Friday night dressed in a suit…

But if sipping countless pints of beer while feeling cold drops of rain on your face is not your idea of a relaxing weekend reconsidering life choices is necessary.

Of course, there is another big plus when it comes to living in England’s capital. It is one if the best places for young adults who have a continuous thirst for culture. So yes, I fell in love with the city the first moment I set foot in it.

But was it worth the price? Not only does the price of living in London kills your hopes for spending your free time in pleasant manners or planning a normal vacation somewhere nice, but it destroys your desires and passion for life. All because living is extremely expensive here!

With all my love for the impressive museums, for the smell of culture that can be felt in every corner of the lively city…I left. Overwhelmed by the prices and by the uninterrupted desire of being touched by the sun and of seeing the stars at night, I chose to move on an island, on the island of Eternal Spring!


The Piece of Heaven that Gave Me My Peace of Mind- Tenerife

I quit my job in the heart of London, packed my bags and left rainy England in the middle of August searching for a better way of living.

My partner and I traveled by car and visited both France and Spain, on our way to sunny Tenerife. It was an amazing trip but nothing compares to the feeling I had when I arrived on the island, or when I got my first bill: 4 euros for 2 coffees and 2 pastries.

My life completely changed in the last six months. The prices, the people and the way of doing everything are totally different than in a busy city.

Yes, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is lively, especially when there is a Fiesta (and believe me, Spanish people love to party). But, with all their parties and loudness, life is slower here and it feels like you have more time.

In addition, the weather is fabulous all the time. We had a bit of rain during all these months but we are talking about micro-weather and this means that if you go a couple of km down south you get to enjoy the warm sun on your tanned skin though it’s raining in the city.


Eat Good and Feel Good

I am a foodie and I would never live in a place where they have bad food. Don’t even say that “the fish and chips in London suck” because England’s capital offers people a great variety of amazing food. But I cannot think about anything better than fresh, delicious seafood.

Honestly, this is paradise for me and for all people who love eating delicious but healthy meals and who find going to the market relaxing.

Every Sunday I forget about everything and just lose myself in the multitude of colorful fruits and vegetable at the Nuestra Señora de África market.

And nothing goes better with delicious food than great wine. If you love this classy drink, your dinner with a view will definitely be enhanced thanks to the Canarian wine.


Positive Vibe and Positive Life

You cannot enjoy living in a place if you don’t like the people, can you? Happy, chatty and warm locals welcomed me here. People were fabulous in London as well, but their lives were harder and that made them look sad.

I fell in love with the British politeness and I still am. But nothing can beat a large smile on a tanned skin! It just makes you sing “Hakuna Matata” even when your day wasn’t the best!

I am still in a “rehab” state. It is difficult to make an agitated person calm down and enjoy life with all its little aspects.

I come from a place where the bills were a huge issue where people ran up and down the tube station stairs like they were Japanese robots and moved to a place where I can swim in order to get rid of the stress. But slowly, I am becoming a happier and more productive person!


The Ocean Calms All Restless Souls

 What else I love about this island? People’s warmth. You see them kissing and hugging all the time. They kiss everybody. Even when they first meet them. That’s very weird at the beginning but you get used to it. I strongly believe that the ocean makes people warmer and more jovial!

And then, there’s the south, a touristy area where you always feel you’re on holiday. Yes, I drive for half an hour and I feel like I am on a holiday!

That’s the thing about my beloved island: always spring and a continuous holiday, even when you work! Life in the middle of the ocean, on this pretty little, island is paradisiacal.

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