Things we once believed would make us happy, actually didn’t. Because of our lack of content we tend to follow happiness in such a violent manner, that we rip off the joy from our present.

Well, this is why people are never happy. Sad but true. But what can we do in  order to reach happiness faster ( we do live in a rapid era, right?)


1. Stop trying to reach happiness faster. You’ll end up with wasted time and energy. Just relax and enjoy every moment of your life. Gathering all of those, you will probably conclude you are a happy person.

2. Stop reading the recipes given by others. Read their stories, because some of them are amazing. But there’s no need for any of us to follow others’ recipes when it comes to happiness or love, since there are so many differences between two persons!

3. Stop clicking on articles that have a title like ” How to Find Happiness in 3 Steps”.

Now, enjoy your day! I know I will, even if, when I look out the window, instead of getting the London feeling, it’s more like ” Good Morning, Mordor! “.

Have a Happy Day!

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