If I found red roses on my bed I’d scream “Cliché” and laugh until the poor guy left me for somebody who might shed a tear at this view…I am not mean, but he should have paid attention to what I like, right?

At the same time, being surprised with something I love, like a huge Cheesy Pizza and a Coca-Cola ( just because I can’t eat pizza without drinking this filthy soda) is romantic for me.

I’ve always been a romantic person. No, I don’t expect a boy to meet me in front of the cinema holding a red rose (thanks, but no thanks). However, yes, I love waking up with a kiss, a homemade delicious breakfast, and a large coffee.

And I am definitely in love with surprises. I truly enjoy setting everything up for my loved ones, but I also adore being surprised. Who doesn’t?

Unfortunately, I’ve noticed people don’t do this kind of things anymore and that makes me immensely sad. Is romance considered overrated? Or even worse…is romance, dead?

I am not saying we should all wake up at 7 a.m and cook bacon for our lovers, but shouldn’t we pay attention to what they like and spoil them with those things? Shouldn’t they indulge us with our favourite stuff?

Maybe they are selling red huge hearts on Valentine’s Day…but does your partner like that? “She likes teddy bears because she is a girl”…and “he likes football because she is a boy”. Easy, right?

Except for the fact that I am a girl and I do not want those teddy bears in my house. At the same time, my partner is a boy and doesn’t understand why 22 mature men are paid for running after a ball.


Some Products Cannot Be Returned

Or maybe we just…forgot about romance. And that’s why we don’t even care about celebrating our love and friendship.

It’s just that we don’t have enough time for it anymore, since the 21st century brought a new avalanche of big boobs and expensive cars, of Birzelian’s fans and Kardashian wannabes, and definitely a whole new set of principles for us.

But do we really have to follow them? Do we need so many pairs of designers’ shoes and does driving such expensive cars makes all of us happy? Is it fulfilling to concentrate so much on the way we look and on our possessions than on our own souls and our significant others?

Does having sex with young girls who have huge boobs and young men with great abs is something that we can be proud of? Shouldn’t we consider that they could be our children?

If you expected some life changing answers from this article, man, you’re in the wrong place…The only thing I can say is that if you ask me people should just calm the fuck down!

We are not forever young, though…we wanna be so, instead of running after things that don’t love us back, how about respecting, loving and celebrating each other?

But then again…who am I to tell you what to do? Anyway, who’d pay for all the useless shit that’s sold out there if people stopped being frustrated animals unable to see what they do have and continuously searching for what they don’t have?

Is it better to forget about romance, love or having a family? Then, check out Pornhub and Christian Louboutin’s website instead! Buy yourself a life, if that works for you. Just take into consideration that…you cannot return the product!

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