Sometimes we all need a break, even from what we love most. This is why I stopped writing on my personal blog for a while. People are different and we all face problems in our unique way.

Me? I have two ways: I talk to somebody close and complain ( I feel the need to get it out of my system) or I completely shut down until I find my way back to myself. Of course, it doesn’t mean these are the right ways.

After a complaining to my closest friends, followed by a complete shutdown I came up with some conclusions, and I would like to share them with you.


Nothing Lasts Forever ( And We Both Know Hearts Can Change..)

Well, it just doesn’t. I read so many articles about true love that never dies. It might not die before people, but once their dead, the neverending love is, too. So, one way or another, it disappears. Money come and go, people come and go, and so does life. Everything changes, and we should be able to survive the changes, until we die, of course.


All People Have Opinions

Having an opinion is human. Sustaining it, as well. But judging and imposing your point of you on others it’s quite different. Where I come from, people have opinions, mostly about others, about how they dress, live and even love each other.

It’s like they never care what’s going on with themselves and with their lives. I am pretty sure these kinds of people are everywhere, but believe me, in my home country they aren’t judgemental about one thing, but about everything. If they could earn money from having an opinion, my country would rule the world.

There’s One Life, for Now

I believe in the transmigration of souls, but that doesn’t mean that I should wait for the next life to be happy, does it? So, we should all concentrate on living the life we want, the life that makes us happy, because…it won’t last forever. I spent many years pleasing people. Oh, but they are never pleased. And there are people who never stop, who are unhappy with their own lives that they suck the happiness out of others. They are called emotional vampires.

Staying away from draining relationships with people who suck optimism and joy, is for your own good.


Yes, People Are Bad, But People Are Also Good

Once you’ve learned your lessons and realized your mistakes, STOP. And start over. Oh, but you’re not done with mistakes. You will do many others. It’s just life. Not everybody is bad, and not all are good. But we all make mistakes. Our own and for our personal reasons, which might be quite stupid at that time. However, spending too much time on explanations and regrets won’t take us anywhere.

So, cry a bit. “Wine” a bit. And then, start living your damn life. It might be the last. I believe in the transmigration of souls, but I’m human…I might be wrong, right?

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