London is one of the most amazing cities I have ever seen, and until this age, I’ve seen some of the most interesting in the world. However, “life happened” and now I moved to London. Before coming here in order to live and not visit, I knew the city just as a tourist. Well, now it’s different…actually a lot different than you can describe it in a postcard.

So, I truly love London because it feeds my soul with so much culture and diversity that I feel like throwing up butterflies and rainbows. However, this city can be bitch because it is more expensive than I thought.


In London, you get free museums, expositions, galleries but you have to sell your soul in order to pay transportation? “Who” does that? I pay so much money to spend time in a tube but then I get to see amazing things for free?

A bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else.

And then, you get so many types of amazing foods, and mouth watering restaurants ( I love Jamie Oliver so much, that my belly became so big that I could be confused with a Kangaroo carrying its child) but you have to sell your kidney for paying the gym membership.

Of course, you can choose jogging but if I do that, I will probably catch a cold, and then maybe I’ll need to see a doctor and from what I’ve heard that would cost me more than I’d get from selling myself.

Oh and the clothes…Yes, you can look like a diva, and you don’t even have to spend too much money for that. Too bad the diva has to get drunk at home in front of a mirror, since a night out costs more than food for two weeks….

And so, everyday I wake up with the feeling that I love London…during the day I begin to hate this amazing city and then, something weird happens ( and no, I don’t do drugs…and even if I wanted to, I don’t think I could afford being an addict in London) and at the end of the day I love London again…

I guess it’s magic.

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  1. Becky Jones says:

    I completely agree, every time I tell someone who has never lived in London that I do they always think that I must have the most exciting life as there are so many things to do in London. Little do they know, I struggle to afford my general living expenses and can’t even contemplate a night out in the city! I’ve decided to enjoy London the cheep way, walking the streets of London with my DSLR.

    Becky xx

    P.s. please pay my blog a visit:

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