Europe has always been the main attraction for people who are eager to satisfy their cultural thirst. The young ones dream about attending the well-preserved Universities or lose themselves in the amazingness of the museums that are waiting in the brightest capitals of the world.

The obsession for busy cities, full of opportunities becomes later on love for quiet and peaceful beaches surrounded be green everywhere you see. However, if writers, painters or artists interest you, in general, you must live in one of the cities that inspired them.


Being guided by the respect and love I had for Dali or Picasso, I was overwhelmed by the desire for living in Barcelona and Paris. However, life got me closer to Hemingway, and I moved to London.

Please mind the gap between your life & your dreams.

London is a great place for starting your career, even if you are from Eastern Europe, as I am. Getting used to the rules, and their way of managing the situations might seem difficult. However, the fact that they have so many boundaries makes people feel safe and protected.

Besides careers opportunities, living here met my cultural expectations. Amazing museums and art galleries wait to be explored, and many of them are free of charge. Yes, you can wake up on a Sunday afternoon and just go to a museum, in order to explore a variety of useful and entertaining information, images and amazing objects that will take you back in time without paying a penny.

Oh, and the food…not the British food though, but the food you can find here. I heard a joke a couple of days ago, from a British comedian who said that people from great Britain are strong since they survived their food…

Well, that seems to be true, and I have to admit that I am not so fond of fish and chips, but I am just crazy about the Farmer’s Markets in London. Not only that you can buy a variety of organic foods, but you can also have lunch, choosing from an amazing number of delicious meals cooked right in front of you. I’ve had street food before, but what I get here just meets my extremely picky desires.

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.

Regarding how to spend your free time, there is always something new to do. Even if you don’t know what to do or you are by yourself one evening, you can’t be worried, since just by going to a pub and having a drink, you will make some friends. People are very communicative and very interested in finding more about yourself and the country you come from.

So, boredom is the word that does not exist in my vocabulary anymore. However, if you want our advice, choose to move to London only if you love adventure. It is an adventure to find a place to stay since there are so many great flats, but also because the prices are a little bit high. But, as I said before, this is a great place to find an amazing job!

To conclude, I can say that London is more than you will get to know if you just visit the city. You have to live here to get the whole experience!

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