Whenever I relocated to a new country, I had the tendency to compare prices and that was never a great idea since coming from Eastern Europe makes everything extremely expensive.

Moving to London made me try to quit this habit because if I didn’t I would have had to lock myself in the house and live on bread and water.


If Smoking Doesn’t Kill You, It Will Make You Poor

Smoking is a bad habit, and I have been trying to quit since a while ago. Not only that cigarettes are dangerous to our health, but smoking in UK is threatening the wallet as well.

When I think about the fact that a pack of cigarettes here four times more than where I come from I become so angry at myself for having this bloody addiction.

Also living with a smoker doesn’t do any good but supporting me quitting twice every week. Sometimes I think my boyfriend’s dream is to be a volcano. Then he would smoke all day, and people would say – look he is working!

However, I believe that these prices for cigarettes are fair. Bad habits that harm people’s health should be more expensive than other things. In my country, cigarettes are cheaper than food. People, you’re doing it all wrong over there!


Penicillin Cures, but Wine Makes People Happy

We all like partying and getting boozed-up with our friends, and this is the reason people love weekends so much, right?

Well, where I come from going out on a Saturday night and getting hammered with your pals is as expensive as having three drinks in London.

So, if you’re new here, and you decide that paying with your card is a great option, you should think twice before doing that when going out for drinks.

Learn from my experience and go with cash. Otherwise, the next day, when you’ll need a rich breakfast to treat your hangover, your card might be declined.

I am lucky that wine loves me just as much as I love it, and I don’t need too much to get tipsy . But I still don’t understand how all these people who seem to be having drinks every day, manage their budgets.

Am I the only one who eats and pays rent here? Or maybe I am the only one who compares prices and realizes that a Saturday night out for two people costs as much as a weekend in Greece.


You’re Never Fully Dressed without Great Hair

Well, if you’re never fully dressed without great hair, I’ve been walking around naked since I moved to London. I could have afforded a hair cut, but I just couldn’t do that while comparing prices. As I said before this habit, will drive me mad soon.

How could I go to a hairdresser when I knew I would pay him ten times more than I paid my hairstylist back home? It would have been the same thing to go home for the weekend and arrange my hair while having a great time with my family.

And that is what I am going to do. Of course, this won’t happen every time, but until I am done with converting the money, I have to do that, or I’ll lose my sanity.

I don’t know if London is the most expensive place to live in, but comparing it to all the places I’ve been and lived, this beats them all. Also, I know for sure that it beats Switzerland, at least when it comes to hotel prices. And we all know that Switzerland has always been overpriced.

Oh well, in the end I think it is manageable, just as long as you don’t freak out when you see that everything is more expensive than where you came from.

Until then, “Say What? I could feed my whole family with that money!” would be on your mind whenever you pay a bill in London.

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