While I was sitting in a coffee shop reading a book and waiting for a friend, I noticed a nice couple entering. I looked at them because they were both good looking, and they seemed very in love. I like happy people. But after they bought coffee they just sat and took their phones out. This is all that happened. They were just checking their social network sites over and over again. After they had finished their coffee, they put their phones back and left. Just like that. No conversation, at all. So, I started thinking about the impact smart devices have on our lives.

smFriend or Foe?

Increasing numbers of people who are now using smartphones no matter if they are at home, at work, in the park and even out for a drink with their friends.

Smart phones and social media expand our universe. We can connect with others or collect information easier and faster than ever.

Most of us think about out a phone like the best way of communicating. Many cannot imagine life without smart devices and, to be honest, it would be quite difficult.

But isn’t this “affection” a little dangerous? Shouldn’t we fear losing our capacity of communicating in “ real life”?

Being able to use applications that allow us to communicate with the loved ones, even if they are far away, without spending money is a good reason to be grateful that we live now.

In the past people paid a lot when they called or sent messages to their friends and family, especially if they were abroad. Now, we have smart devices, and we have Wi-Fi so we can feel closer to people than ever.

We can send them pictures and tell them how we feel and what we are doing whenever we want to. Therefore, Smartphones are our friends, right?

But, what happens when we “get too close” to them?


Smartphone Can Distract Us from Many Aspects of Our Lives

If we go out, it is impossible not to notice how attached to their smart devices most people are. The fact that even when having a coffee with another person many tend to continuously check their phone is not something unusual.

Cell phones, mobile e-mail, and all the other cool and slick gadgets can cause massive losses in our creative output and overall productivity.

Feeling the need to see what is happening on our social networks, or in our chat groups while somebody is having a conversation with us might lead to losing a friendship.

Being over attached to our Smartphone can cause a distraction when it comes to our jobs, studies, hobbies and love life, as well.

Using our devices for most of our communication might make us believe our social relations are considerably improved than they used to be.

However, spending too much time using devices can lead to communication issues in “real life”.


Being Addicted Is Dangerous No Matter What Our Dependency Is

As we all know, people use their phones a lot for chatting and for checking out what is new on their social networking sites. But we are also pretty engaged in playing games forgetting to be aware of what is happening around us

Playing a game, being present on social networks and using texting apps while we are at home, can be relaxing. But when we are out with our friends these actions might lead to less conversation and a breakdown in communication.

Nobody says that we should give up using technology and smart devices because they are amazing. But so is chocolate but if we cannot eat sweets all day long, can we?

Being addicted is always bad. We should all be free of addictions and try moderate our life. Not having a smart device is not the best option because we live in the present, and we should be connected in reality.

But letting our objects, foods, drink control us is something that can be avoided, as well.


How to Stay in Control?

Being less attached to our Smartphone should not be a problem, since no matter how smart it is, we are still talking about an object.

So, we should try to keep our device in the pocket or bag while we spend time with our friends and family.

Not using texting apps and social networks while working is also something everybody should do.

If we cannot stop ourselves from checking the phone, just putting it on silent mode and concentrate on whatever we are doing is the best choice.

While riding the bus or the train, we could just pay attention to the people, the view or just read a book instead of reading other people’s updates and looking at their pictures. Concentrate on our life, not others is what we must always do.

So, if we use our Smartphones to improve our existence, not to create an amazing virtual life while forgetting about the “real” one, they surely become our friends, not enemies. It doesn’t sound difficult, does it?



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  1. Lauren says:

    I really liked this post. It seems like I can’t get away from people with there smart phones, ipods, ipads, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love my smart phone, but there are times when I want human connection. I’m introverted, however I like to have deep and meaningful conversations with people. This is hard to do if the person I am will will not put their phone down.
    This inspired me to write some stories about this. Maybe I would blog about my experiences if that is ok with you :). Thank you for posting, I added you to my circle as well. Feel free to add me back, check out my blog, and/or talk with me.

    • Ana says:

      Hello Lauren,

      Thank you for your comment. I agree with you. Connecting with people who can’t put the phone away, is pretty difficult. I am sure you have some good stories to blog about. I’ll check them out when you post.

      Have a great day!

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