Many people love traveling because they see it as a great way to escape life. While I respect people’s manners of dealing with monotony, stress and fatigue, I can’t stop myself from finding in traveling the best way to understand life.

With monotony, I deal using my own daily habits, like reading, cooking, spending time with people I love. Therefore, I don’t need to escape life while I am traveling. So, I am just embracing it.

The cultures I learned about, the feelings art galleries offered me, as well as the savour of all the placed I visited followed me back home and everywhere else I’ve been. And I am not exaggerating when saying that Lisbon imprinted on my soul, becoming one of my favourite destinations.

Just like any city in the world, old Lisbon has its own flavour, and in order to feel it, you have to forget all about the main touristic attractions and prepare for your own culinary experience. Before you do that,  why not have a look at mine?


Tartine – Padaria e Restaurante

Can you imagine beginning a vacation in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe without a delicious breakfast? Not only does food give you the energy and the perfect state of mind to fully enjoy your day, but it also gives you the first taste of the place you are about to explore.

There are many little breakfast boutiques in old Lisbon, but the one that conquered my taste buds was definitely Tartine – Padaria e Restaurante, a cosy place located far from the touristy spots.

This bakery has the the positive vibe everybody needs after the sun rises. It is full of local people who want to savour a delicious breakfast before work, as well as friendly staff who enjoy offering a fresh start in the morning. What else can you ask for?

What to eat? Well, that was my big question every time I went there. I can’t recommend one dish because all I ate was absolutely delicious, but I can tell you that my partner loved the Eggs Benedict served here so much, he still thinks about them once in a while.

Mercado da Ribeira

There is nothing I enjoy more than having a tasty brunch or a long lunch in a food market. Well, what can I say? Some ladies feel like home in a shopping mall, while I begin to believe in heaven every time I see a large food pavilion. And believe me, Mercado da Ribeira is one of the best I’ve seen, especially for people who are crazy about seafood.

What to eat? Again, this is a very difficult decision, not only because all the food looks like it’s photoshopped, but also because everything is actually chosen, tasted and tested by experts. However,  if you are in charming Lisbon for the first time, you might want to go with cod this time. Bacalhau is an important ingredient in the Portuguese cuisine, after all, isn’t it?

A photo by Sergey Zolkin.

Restaurante Clube de Journalistas

If you are a foodie, you know how important dinner is. And I am not only talking about the food, but also the place, the company, the wine, the service and the whole atmosphere. Well, in order to have a complete culinary experience in Lisbon, you should have dinner at Restaurante Clube de Journalistas.

The restaurant is small, cosy and extremely romantic. But don’t roll your eyes yet, because I am not sending you to a cheesy place where people hold their hands while eating. No! This is one of the good spots! Arranged with incredible taste, Clube de Journalistas is waiting for travelers with delicious, creative food.

And guess what? Besides an unforgettable culinary experience, fantastic wine and flawless service, we even got a surprise gift at the end.

100 Manieras Bairro Alto

As you can see, I strongly believe in the power of food and I profoundly dislike the idea of eating to survive because good food enhances my whole life. This is why, whenever I travel to a new place I like to taste as much of it as I can.

And the best way to feel the amalgam of tastes I crave for, in just one evening is to go where they have tasting menus. 100 Manieras Bairro Alto was the first tasting menu restaurant in Lisbon and it remained one of the best, until this moment.

The place is intimate, romantic and sophisticated, creating an excellent atmosphere for couples, as well as friends. Again, don’t expect cheesiness and people selling roses. Nope! We are talking about the tasteful type of romance here!

And if you want a recommendation, don’t say no to wine pairing. There is no better way to enjoy incredible food than with a sip of delicious wine.



Cervejaria Ramiro

Now, you can’t leave Lisbon before eating seafood, can you? And one of the best seafood places I’ve been to, until this moment, is a beer house in this charming city. Yes, that is correct, a beer house. Mr Ramiro’s beer house.

Cervejaria Ramiro used to be a place where local people loved grabbing a few beers until the owners came up with the interesting idea of introducing fresh seafood. Not only do they serve amazing dishes, but the place is always full and guess what? They don’t really like reservations.

Why would they reserve their tables when the line is huge during the whole evening? Actually, it was the only place I’ve been to where people enjoy staying in line. Maybe it’s because they can have their drinks before entering the restaurant, or because they know how delicious is the food inside. Or maybe, Portuguese people love lines.

Well, I have to admit that I didn’t mind sipping a glass of wine while waiting in line; and it was definitely worth waiting because the service was impeccable and the food was mouth-watering. Even those things I ate without having any idea what they were!

What to eat? Everything, people, everything!

This is Lison through my taste buds. If you have anything to add, please do! Your experience is extremely valuable because it can guide others towards having delicious adventures!

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