The “documentary” made by Channel 4 was far from being accurate, but this does not mean people should have been offended by this TV show.

To be honest, when I heard about it I thought it was outrageous but this is not a reason for people to protest in front of the embassy.

The fact that they protested made everything even more embarrassing for them, for us. How is it possible not to just take things how they are? How come you feel the need to defend yourself ( as a nation) whenever somebody says “ You’re ugly”. This is not right and, in my opinion it only showed the lacks of confidence people have.

As I stated above, in my opinion, this documentary is accurate if Channel 4 changes the name of it. A smart producer would have named it “ The poor part of the Romanian Gypsies” or something like that.

I used to live in Romania, and I know how things really are, but if somebody who never lived there wants to make a documentary should first do a research. If people don’t gather information before making documentaries, they should try making fantasy movies. Maybe they will be successful in that area.

Personally, I found the TV series very entertaining for a Sunday evening, far from showing the reality of the Romanians who are coming to work in UK, quite funny and not as sad as described by a large number of brits.

Also, I found the bunch of people who thought protesting would make them better and heard by I have no idea who, bored. Next time, instead of trying to say something to the whole world, try to say it to yourself out loud. If you sound stupid, you probably are.

In conclusion, it was just a TV show, presenting just a small part of what is going out in the world, under an awful and inaccurate name, that created a big fuss among Romanians who live in UK and among British people who hate Romanians and think they should go back or find it outrageous to be so discriminative.

While the Romanians were coming to UK, other people were dying, killing other people, committing suicide and another thing….Oh well, life just happens.

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