I’ve always been intrigued by the bizarre mixture of virtuousness and immorality of human nature. Even when I was a child and I was completely unaware of what I was searching for, I used to pay a strange amount of attention to what people said or did.

I am still astonished by the lack of awareness that surrounds us. How can I not be when I see people complaining about their life, their friends, family, jobs, the world, without actually doing anything?

In fact, what bewilders me most is seeing people act in conflict with their purposes, or at least in opposition to what their declared beliefs are.

Therefore, I find myself spending time thinking where is the real problem: Do people have their own principles, state them out loud, but lack the power and knowledge to act as they believe? Or we just say the bullshit we think the others what to hear while doing the opposite?


Why Are the “Ships” Sinking?

Being a “people person” is so overwhelming sometimes, with all the exaggerated drama that could be easily avoided instead of feeding it until it destroys relationships.

I find people complaining about others while they are doing the same things to them, ridiculous, illogical and mean. Kindness is murdered by all the malicious actions that develop into an endless battle, and everybody winds up constantly complaining about the lack of humanity in the world. No kidding?

To summarize this, I could say that people listen to each other just to reply with a better line and they suffer only if their ego is damaged. So, everything becomes an inhumane game of who is better at stabbing and ends up with speaking out loud about the others without even thinking about their own actions.

Oh well, Gandhi was probably right when he said that an eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. If we take this into consideration from time to time, we might see fewer divorces or destroyed friendships and more loving, cheerful people.


Our Technology Exceeding Our Humanity

I’ve already written an article about how Smartphones interfere with our relationships so, I am one of the people who complain about the lack of real communication between people. But I don’t just whine and wait for this to disappear, like most people I’ve seen do.

Apparently, people seem to be hating everyone’s cell phones but loving their own. Oh well, it doesn’t work like that. Technology is amazing, and I am grateful for everything that makes our lives much easier than in the past. However, WhatsApp, Tinder or Facebook are far from being real ways of communicating.

Everybody can be somebody else when texting. They have more time to think about what they’re saying than they do when you have a live conversation, and I dislike that. They even have time for a quick Google search, right?

So, instead of complaining about how technologies interfere with our life through Facebook posts, Tweets, and Uploaded Pictures, we could just do something about it once in a while.


Be the Change You Want to See in The World

These are just a few examples of people whining about each other without getting a glimpse at their own performance. And, to be honest, I often find myself moaning and crying out load but I also try to take a good look “inside my own yard”.

I have been told that I think too much about everything and that this is unhealthy. However, even though sometimes everything seems easier if you don’t think about it, I believe that observing and trying to understand the aspects of life is quite helpful for mastering ourselves.

If we “don’t kill the caterpillars, we will be able to enjoy watching the butterflies winging their way.

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