We all dream about having a perfect job, career and life. And some succeed in achieving all of these. Most of us try to create a balance between work and life.

Oh well, been there, done that. It wasn’t the answer for me. After trying all kinds of jobs, I realized that the only way to reach the so much desired balance is to find a way for my career to become my passion.

At the beginning, this seemed impossible since my passion was writing and I am not a native English speaker ( which is obvious).

Being a famous writer is still far from becoming real, at this moment, but earning from writing is happening. Yeeey, I must say!

Find Out What You Love Doing

There is a famous quote attributed to Charles Bukowski saying “ Find what you love and let it kill you”. I liked it so much that I even inked it on my back. Of course, my intention is to be less drastic about everything and try not to let myself killed by my own words.

However, this was a personal reminder that I must pursue my desires. I know I could have chosen a Walt Disney quote to put it on my skin, but I see the positivity in this saying, unlike most people who saw it. ( You negative, bastards! )

So, I tried sales, customer service, assisting managers, planning events and I liked all my jobs. But I never loved them. What was going on in my head was completely different. This is when I started a blog, in my native language. Just for me. I wrote a lot, without even showing it to people.

My boyfriend, who was not my boyfriend then ( I kind of suspect him for falling in love with “the writer” instead of the emotional, spoilt and sensitive b**** that I am) “found” my words. He made me realize that if I spend time doing something for free, I must really love doing it.

Experiment and Get to Know Your Strengths and Abilities

Once you know what you are passionate about, you must experiment performing these tasks. Well, I did. Besides writing in my native language on my blog, I became a freelance tech writer. I must say I liked it even if I am not a Shakespeare in love with apps and games, but I had a lot more fun with writing news.

If I didn’t try experimenting with different styles of writing, I risked having a surreal romanticized ideal. Also, receiving feedback was more helpful than I believed, especially since I was performing SEO writing ( it took me a while to actually understand what I was doing.)

Based on the evaluation I received, and on my personal feeling about what I was doing, I was able to decide if it was the right path. I’ve decided that technical writing might not be my thing, but it sure helped me develop my writing.

What happened next? I’ve started a new blog, I’ve experimented with copywriting, travel writing ( which I love and I will continue doing), movie script writing, email marketing and all kinds of ways that allow me to put words on a piece of paper ( not really, but I am happy with a laptop).

What are my plans now? Nothing changed. My goal is to become better at what I am doing. So, I will continue writing. I passed the first test which was finding out what thought I loved, and the second one, makeing sure that I am on the right path.

At this moment, I have to deal with the hardest part of all: not give up when I encounter difficulties ( like the fact that I am not a native English speaker. Not even calling my mother and blaming her didn’t help with that one- told you, emotional, sensitive b**** )

Don’t Postpone your Desires and Ambitions

I know many people who got stuck in the wrong careers because they were afraid to follow their dreams. I also know that sometimes, it is necessary to postpone some of our greatest desires, in order to earn a living, but this might make it impossible for you to reach them. This is why, even with a job, spending a little time on what we love gets us closer to the career we fantasize about.

Every experience is good for us, being part of our development and search for the perfect career. This is why I am very happy with all the choices I made. Not all of them helped me develop my manner of writing, but everything I’ve experienced made me, as I am.

Meeting inspiring people, seeing interesting places and experiencing different jobs, made me creative. Of course, the fact that I was raised with the stories told by my grandfather and I read lots of books gave me an important boost as well. All I have to do is to improve my writing in order to “trick” people I am a native English speaker, and continue experimenting.

So, even if I’ve decided to “wear” a drunk ( but cool) man’s words ( which might not even be his, but I find it intriguing) on my back, I find myself on the same page with Walt Disney, and sometimes, when I feel like giving up I think about the little weird mouse that put the first brick to an empire.

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