I fell in love with you years ago, when I first had the chance to explore your beauty. It was a winter day when we met. Now, you know how much I hate cold. But still, I loved the little time we spent together. So much that I came back for more.

You had everything I ever wanted. All the ingredients were mixed, making the perfect combination of culture, fun, intrigue, spontaneity and so much more. Yes, you were a bit cold but I was ready to wait longer for warmness, as long as I got to enjoy all your other qualities.

Our third date showed me you also have romance. You know how much I love romance. Without being ready to talk about it, you began promising the future I never thought I wanted.

I completely fell in love with the brightness of your stories and I said to myself that the next time we meet I wouldn’t leave you!

So I came again. For good. It took me a couple of months to see that your promises weren’t going to became a reality unless I sacrifice a lot. No, not a lot. You wanted everything. I had to give you all my time, my happiness, my thoughts, my youth. Everything!

Savoring your qualities was so expensive that I never got to actually fully enjoy your beauty. You had so many good parts but you wanted to take much more than you offered. You made me lose my balance.

And the worst part is that you cheated. You showed me your glamorous part, where you are kind to all good people, to those who are real and honest and hard working. But that wasn’t completely true, was it?

Yes, you cheated. So…I left.

Do I still love you? Of course I do! I just saw you two weeks ago, probably hoping you’ve changed a bit. Still looking and feeling great but you’re greed and unjustified malice are still there.

You tried to make me want to come back throwing, once more, your cultural qualities into my face. But this time, I choose the tranquility and serenity I have!

And you? You’ve got your amazing liveliness but for some reason, you only want to share it with people who come, see and then leave.

For those who love you and want to stick around for better and for worse, you have agitation, restlessness, and worry…Just like sick human beings who want to punish the people who love them for their unhappiness.

How is that fair? I know, if you could answer now, you’d probably say: “ Life is not fair”…but that’s a cliché and if you don’t take care of yourself, you can become one, too.

What? You think that you are going to always be in the top of everybody’s list? Well, my dear London, there are so many beautiful cities in this world so you better take good care of your people…because without them you wouldn’t even exist…

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