Though A thousand roads lead men forever to Rome, if you ask me, all roads lead to Italy, to the whole country. The Italian land is so beautiful that once you visit it you can never go back to whom you were before. If you don’t believe that a trip to Italy is life changing, spend two weeks traveling around this country.

Those who have visited at least one Italian city know that the phrase La Dolce Vita literally describes these people’s way of seeing life.

Unlike many people who continuously complain about what is happening bad in their life, the majority of Italians master the art of a happy life. How? Well, with the risk of upsetting the new diet trend followers, Italians know how to enjoy a delicious meal.

Then, there’s the family and you know what they say, Happy wife, happy life!

But that is not all! Having fun is something that doesn’t happen only during the weekend for most people in Italy. However, if you ask me, the reinvigorating Ristretto is the elixir of life that keeps Italians forever young inside.


A Balanced Diet Means a Gelato in Each Hand

I’ve never met somebody who doesn’t like ice cream and I have no acquaintance that doesn’t completely melt with pleasure when eating Italian gelato.

Just imagine a summer day, you on a busy street in Florence eating the most delicious ice cream, naturally colored and with a perfect texture! If you don’t know anything about Florence, just imagine an amalgam of history, culture and impressive architecture put together.

Fortunately for me, I have gelato right in front of my building. But a city break in Milan wouldn’t hurt. (Did you hear that, boyfriend?)


“Those Who Don’t Know History, Are Doomed to Repeat It!”

If you ask me to tell you what happened in 1968, I’ll tell you that my mother was born. I admit, I am far from being good with any kinds of numbers.

But, I love words and I am in love with history, with learning about human mistakes and people’s success. I feel like the more I know, the better I am.

So, traveling in places with a rich history is as exciting for human science lovers, as a new Iphone is for a gadget freak. And yes, Italy screams History, ragazzi!


“Buongiorno Italia con caffè ristretto!”

If you are a Starbuck’s lover you should definitely consider your choices when it comes to what you put into your mouth.

What is supposed to bring the real flavor of coffee to people, is just bullshit. Intrigued, right?

What if I told you that there’s no Starbuck’s coffee in Italy? That is surprising considering the fact that Starbucks is the McDonald’s of coffee.

However, it would have been quite stupid to bring the “wannabe Italian coffee” and sell it to…Italian people.

But even if Italian stay faithful to their café ristretto wherever they are, Starbuck’s plan to “move” to their country this year. Well, this is something I want to see. Yes, just see, NOT taste. When I go to Italy, I definitely want to start my morning with an authentic dose of caffeine.


Art Washes Away from the Soul the Dust of Everyday Life

Florence is the city of Renaissance Culture, but thought it might or might not be my favorite Italian city, I would be unfair to tell you that this is the place you must go to get in touch with culture.

The truth is that all Italy is coated with a thick layer of culture. So, it doesn’t matter if you travel to Florence, Rome, Pisa or Torino since there are is culture, manifested in literature, philosophy, religion and science throughout the whole country.


Dear Italy, You Had Me at “Pizza”!

I don’t know about you but no matter what diet I am on, what dress I have to fit in or how many days are left until summer, I never say “No” to Pizza.

Don’t get me wrong, I have many types of food I am faithful to (Right now I am having an orgasmic gelato made in Spain but by friendly Italian people!).

But when my boyfriend says Pizza, I feel like the Gods of Greece are favoring my mortal life giving me a reward for my good behavior. Yes, bring that pizza to me, now!

Well, I would be a hypocrite to say that I eat good pizza in Spain. But as they say, it’s exactly like sex since it is pretty good even when it’s bad.

Anyway, the best one I’ve ever had was in Venice. It was just a small pizza and gelato kiosk with very affordable prices. Mmmm!


You May Have the Universe if I May Have Italy

Everybody knows and loves the aggressive way of speaking Italians have. Well, it is true that sometimes they make you feel like they are mad at you, but you cannot argue the fact that their expressivity animates even the saddest corner of the world.

They swear a lot, they make dramatic gestures, they laugh loud…they are just so alive!

And they are charming! The charm of the Italian deserves to be mentioned even by a faithful girlfriend like myself.

Well, I don’t think my boyfriend is jealous since I have a habit of having very nonfictional feelings for fictional characters or falling in love with people who happen to be very famous and also very dead.

Anyway, my conclsuion is quite easy. If you want to be served delicious food by extremely friendly and happy people, to explore an ocean of history and culture and to be amazed by the beauty of the architecture and the liveliness of the cities, pack your bags and go to Italy, my friend!






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